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LH 137: Vermicomposting 101

The basics of worm composting

If you’re a gardener, I’m sure you totally “get” that compost is awesome. But you may not have jumped on the DIY compost bandwagon because you either don’t have the space or you worry it’s too complicated to do well.

Fear not!

Vermicomposting may be the answer for you.

Also known as “worm composting”, it’s one of the easiest ways to compost kitchen scraps in a small space. And to be honest…the little worms feel more like pets than worms.

Yeah…sounds weird, I know.

But ask anyone with a worm bin and they will probably admit that develop a fondness for those little wigglers that they never expected.

On this week’s podcast, I brought on author Michelle Balz to chat about everything vermiculture – which is the process of using worms to create compost.


You will learn:

  •      How composting benefits your garden & the earth
  •      Where you can set up a worm bin (hint: Inside your home is ok!)
  •      Why it won’t smell if you do it right
  •      Which worms are best and where to get them
  •      The step-by-step directions for setting up a bin
  •      How to care and feed your worm bin
  •      What NOT to feed your worms
  •      And more…

Michelle Balz:

Michelle Balz on

Michelle Balz is a long-time backyard composter with a passion for reducing our impact on the planet. Her newly published book, Composting for a New Generation, gives readers a comprehensive look at the many types of home composting and provides tips on how to compost successfully.

When not writing or teaching classes on backyard composting, Michelle is learning everything she can about composting, recycling, reusing, and waste reduction. Michelle has a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies and a master’s degree in Professional Writing both from the University of Cincinnati. She lives in Cincinnati, Ohio.




Resources & Links Mentioned:

Composting For a New Generation* – Michelle’s book

Confessions of a Composter Michelle’s websiteComposting For A New Generation by Michelle Balz on

Michelle on Twitter: @CompostGeek

Michelle on Instagram: @CompostGeek

Buckeye Organicsto buy worms

Sonoma Valley Worm Farm – to buy worms



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