Living Homegrown

29 Days

of Living Homegrown

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In celebration of the new year, I am posting a series of 31 Okay, 29 different aspects of Living Homegrown®. I will be sharing some of my best finds in the areas of homesteading, sustainable gardening, canning and more. Plus you will be introduced to a few of my sustainability and gardening heroes (who have graciously agreed to be interviewed here).

Of course, there will be giveaways! Lots and lots of giveaways.

Topics include:

  • Eating & Sharing The Harvest
  • Growing
  • Homesteading
  • Connecting – both to the land & others


Day 1: Growing Backyard Fruit Trees ~ Great resources for adding fruit trees to your backyard.

Day 2: Finding Local ~ Where to look for locally produced food.

Day 3: Inspired by HoneyLove Bees  ~ A profile of a young Los Angeles couple determined to make backyard bee keeping legal everywhere.

Day 4: The Victory Garden of Tomorrow ~ One artist making a difference with retro/modern posters with homesteading themes.

Day 5: Sharing the Harvest with Others ~ One man and organization working hard to connect backyard food growers with food pantries to end hunger in America.

Day 6: Random Acts of “Garden” Kindness ~ Inspiring to celebrate life by doing Random Acts – especially the garden-related kind.

Day 7: BPA Free Canning Jars and a Weck Jar GIVEAWAY ~ Learn about these fabulous jars for canning and preserving our harvest. Enter to win a free case. (Contest ends Sunday January 13th)

Day 8: Important Food Movies That Just Might Change Your Life! ~ Part ONE: A listing of a few of my favorite movies on the subject of sustainability and food. 

Day 9: The Lexicon of Sustainability ~ The building blocks of change are words. See how some are teaching about the words of sustainability through film and art.

Day 10: Four More Movies That Might Change Your Life ~ Part TWO of the movie listing featuring the topics of food and sustainable agriculture.

Day 11: So you want to be a Farmer? ~ Looking at educational resources for both newbie farmers and homesteaders.

Day 12: Teaching Kids About Food and Growing ~ A feature post on the website Nourish and how we can better teach our kids where their food comes from.

Day 13: Must Eggs REALLY be refrigerated? ~ A frank look at the safety of home-harvested eggs and if we really do need to refrigerate them.

Day 14: Heirlooms and A Baker Creek Seed Giveaway ~ Learn the importance of heirloom seeds and enter to win a set of 8 different tomato plants – all a different color!

Day 15: The Halfway Mark ~ A little summary of what has been the hardest part of the 31 days so far.

Day 16: Chicken Keeping Supplies ~ A few of my favorite online chicken keeping sources. Perfect for urban homesteaders with no access to farm supply stores.

Day 17: The Backyard Parables & Book Giveaway ~ Interview with author Margaret Roach

Day 18: Expert Tips for Long Term Storage ~ A few tips for storing extra produce for the long haul.

Day 19: Garden Shows for Inspiring Ideas ~ A review of one of the Seattle Flower & Garden Show

Day 20: Mason Bee House From Reclaimed Wood ~ A feature of one of my favorite Etsy people.

Day 21: What to Do When Your Hen is a “He” ~ Having a Rooster Plan.

Day 22: The Day I Changed My Editorial Calendar ~ In order to keep my sanity, I switch from daily posts to several times per week.

Day 23: Mastering the DIY Garden Project ~ Interview with Stephanie Rose of Garden Therapy.

Day 24: Biggest Concerns About Raising Backyard Chickens ~ Answers to peoples most common questions and concerns.

Day 25: How to Clip Your Chicken’s Wings – And Should You Do It? ~ Considerations of wing clipping with step-by-step instructions.

Day 26: When Homesteading, it is Okay to Fail ~ How failing is sometimes the best way to learn.

Day 27: Slow Flowers ~ Why we should seek out organic flower growers and florists  & book review.

Day 28: Growing Community Through Victory Gardens ~ The story of the Peterson Garden Project & LaManda Joy

Day 29: The Secrets to a Good Marmalade ~ Taking the fear and mystery out of making marmalade