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When Cancer Throws You a Curve Ball

Life Lessons -

Life Lessons -

I took 3 weeks off to be with family through the holidays and to make big plans for Living Homegrown.

Part of my look forward to 2015 involved looking BACK.

As I did that, I could see how much this website has changed as my life perspective has recently changed.

It made me realize that I needed to come clean here.

Come clean as to where I have been and where I am headed – especially as I see so many of you going through similar struggles.

I think the lessons I learned from my own recent struggles are in line with what many of you are struggling with every day – especially when it comes to:

  • Determining what is important
  • Setting goals
  • Connecting to your families, your gardens and your food.

I never wrote a blog post on my recent battle with cancer before, but that’s what this is.

Cancer threw me a major curve ball and I have been determined to use the lessons learned to shift my life’s focus.

Now, this website is NOT about cancer (nor will it be) so don’t worry!

You don’t even need to be cancer survivor to relate to my struggles. Everyone has struggles!

The truth is…

We all run up against obstacles in life. Sometimes, even little things like a runny jam can feel big when presented at a particularly bad time.

How we choose to handle these things (big and small) makes all the difference.

I’m hoping that by me sharing here, it will resonate with whatever struggles you are up against now or in the future.

Together, we can take on 2015 with a new perspective!