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Day 11 – So You Want to be a Farmer?

I am not in a position to give advice on how to farm. But one thing I have learned from from my farmer friends and the inspiring farmers I have interviewed for our PBS TV show (Joel Salatin, Farmer D and others) is that there are some great resources out there that people can tap into.

See…Many of us dream of just owning a little piece of land where we can grow on a much larger scale. And others among us, want to farm…really farm…with acreage, CSAs and whole deal. Fun right?

Well yes, farming can sound very romantic and satisfying. But the reality is that Farming is also hard work. And unless you have at least some knowledge to back up your hard work, you probably won’t make it.

It’s a Journey!

But that does not mean you give up. It means you embrace the idea of gaining knowledge. And really, the process of gaining that knowledge can be a sweet ride for ALL of us. It doesn’t matter how large or small our little plot of land is, gaining knowledge is a journey. And it is a smart journey to start if you are even remotely considering going into farming.


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