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LH 132: Welcome to The Elliott Homestead

Behind-the-scenes to learn about raw milk, dairy cows, really good coffee

In this episode we talk about what it’s really like running a homestead – from raising dairy cows, laying hens, meat chickens, hogs, sheep, turkeys, and growing produce in a large organic garden.

I’ve invited Shaye Elliott, author of Welcome to the Farm and blogger for The Elliott Homestead, to talk about running a super active homestead that’s full of animals, food gardens, four active children, and how she manages to make it all run and operate at the same time.

She shares how ordinary, everyday moments can be magical and that’s what life is all about.

You will learn:

  •      How this popular blogger balances home and family
  •      The reason The Food Network made a pilot featuring her cooking
  •      Why having a diary cow was so important to her family
  •      What is raw milk
  •      All the ways to use the extra milk from a dairy cow
  •      How to make “Junket” and why you’d want to
  •      Why a popcorn maker can make the best coffee EVER

Shaye Elliott:

Shaye Elliot on

Shaye Elliott is a farmer, wife, mother, blogger, and homecook. Seven years ago, she started a blog that encompasses so many of the things she desperately loves – her bearded husband Stuart, their quiver of children, and life on the farm.

Shaye and her family live on a small handful of acres in North Central Washington and on that land, they raise their dairy cows, a giant flock of laying hens, meat chickens, hogs, sheep, turkeys, and a variety of produce in our large, organic gardens.

Shaye and her husband farm to provide their family with as much homegrown food as possible – learning the ways of the land and the ways of the past. They preserve food, stock up the larder for winter, and are ever working towards growing more.

The laundry hanging on the line may cause some to think they’re old-fashioned. And maybe that’s true. But they seem to be just fine with that.

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Resources & Links Mentioned:

Welcome to The Farm * – by ShayeWelcome to the Farm by Shaye Elliot on

The Family Table * – by Shaye

From Scratch * – by Shaye

Blog Post on Homeschooling by Shaye

The Homestead Table pilot info at Food Network

The Art of Natural Cheese Making * – by David AsherFrom Scratch by Shaye Elliott on

Kits for Making Cheese – by Urban Cheesecraft (in case you want an easy start)


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