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Making Herb Concentrate

Making Herb Concentrates -

How To Make Herb Concentrates -

Garden herbs were the gateway drug to my current edible gardening obsession.

As I was in culinary school, I started landscaping with herbs rather than ordinary landscape plants so that I could have the freshest ingredients possible in my cooking.

Herbs immediately captured my heart – not only because they had lovely colors & textures in the garden but also because  you only had to touch the leaves as you walked by and the air was filled fragrance.


But despite cooking with and constantly clipping from all those herbs, I quickly learned that I had much more than I needed. So, I dove into the world of preserving herbs.

I chopped, steeped, pureed, dried and froze herbs in every way I could find. And I now have several favorite, go-to preservation options.

But one of my favorites is the one method I started with (oh so many years ago): Herb Concentrates.