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LH 84: Raising Backyard Ducks

How to raise backyard ducks for eggs and fun.

I’ve been raising backyard chickens for about 10 years. But now many of my friends are adding ducks to their backyard livestock.

It is as if backyard ducks have become the new backyard chicken.


I’ve been curious about raising ducks and know many of you are too.

So I decided to bring on an expert to share the whole scoop on what it really means to raise backyard ducks.

In this episode, I interview author Lisa Steele of Fresh Eggs Daily.

And if after listening you think you might want to add ducks to your backyard, I’ve put together a free PDF download for you.

It’s a tip sheet on raising ducks and you can download it below.


In this episode you learn:

  • Are ducks harder or easier than chickens
  • What benefits do ducks offer to your garden
  • Are you able to feed ducks in the same way as chickens
  • What exactly do ducks need to be health and happy
  • What’s the deal with “Having your ducks in a row”
  • Are ducks pranksters
  • Can ducks and chickens live together…happily
  • Where can you get more unusual duck breeds

Lisa Steele

Lisa Steele, Backyard Ducks- livinghomegrown.comLisa is a blogger and author who knows a thing or two about raising ducks. She is a 5th generation chicken keeper who fell in love with ducks back in 2009. And she’s been keeping ducks along with her chickens ever since. She was living in Virginia, but just recently relocated to a farm in Maine.

Lisa engages fans worldwide with her easy, fun and accessible approach to raising backyard flocks naturally. She has an award winning blog, Fresh Eggs Daily, and a very popular Facebook page by the same name and numerous books (all listed below).

Lisa writes for many publications including Chickens Magazine, Backyard Poultry, Hobby Farm Magazine and HGTV. She also has a new show launching called Fresh Eggs Daily with Lisa Steele. (See below)

Free Bonus PDF:

If you would like to have the bonus Raising Ducks Tip Sheet mentioned in the episode, click the button below for the free download.

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Resources & Links Mentioned:

Fresh Eggs Daily – Lisa’s website

Fresh Eggs Daily TV Show with Lisa

Fresh Eggs Daily Book* by Lisa

Duck Eggs Daily Book* by Lisa

Gardening with Chickens Book* by Lisa

The Livestock Conservancy

Mother Earth News Fair



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