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LH 64: 7 Steps to Getting More Done

7 Steps for Getting More Done in Your Farm Fresh Lifestyle

This is not a typical episode topic.

I was asked by several listeners to share how I manage to do so much. They wanted to know if I would share homesteading tips for managing time, workload and energy levels.

Well, I don’t think we can really manage time – because we all have the same amount of time, right?

But, we can manage our tasks within that time.

Most of us have way too much on our To-Do lists – which can be overwhelming.

So this podcast is about creating the proper mindset to keep our energy and motivation up while still working on a farm fresh lifestyle. This is not a topic I usually cover on this podcast, but hopefully a few tips will resonate with you on your own farm fresh journey.

There is a worksheet below that you can download to help you follow along.

In this episode, you learn:

  • Why decluttering lets you have better focus on your To-Dos
  • How assessing your personality temperament can help you tackle projects
  • How to sidestep things that drain your energy level
  • Why you should make time for yourself every day
  • How to organize your farm-fresh week like a CEO
  • What is a pile up zone & why you need one

7 Steps for Getting More Done:

Before listening, I highly recommend you download the PDF to work thru the 7 tips for yourself. There are also additional resources on the PDF.

1) Decluttering & Why

2) Assessing Your Personality Temperament

3) Eliminating What Drains You

4) Focusing on What Lights You Up

5) Recharging Everyday

6) Managing Your Week Like a CEO

7) Creating a Pile Up Zone


Resources & Links Mentioned:

Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up* – KonMari Book

Using Kon Mari on Your Homestead – Episode #22

Creating Farm Fresh Goals – Episode 37





Click here for the full transcript for Episode #64


* Denotes an affiliate link

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About the Author:

Theresa Loe is the founder of Living Homegrown® and the Canning Academy® and is the Co-Executive Producer & Canning Expert on the national PBS gardening series, Growing A Greener World®. Theresa homesteads on just 1/10th of an acre in Los Angeles with her husband, two teenage boys and several disorderly but totally adorable chickens. Learn more about Living Homegrown here and about the Canning Academy here.


  • Dana says:

    Hi Theresa! I can’t seem to get the PDF to download. I’ve signed up twice for the PDF…. am I doing something wrong? I am quite a goofball…… 🙂

    • theresa says:

      Hey Dana,
      I’m going to see what’s wrong and I will email you the PDF directly. Not sure what the issue is yet. But I’m on it!

  • LOVED THIS EPISODE!!! I listened to it twice! I was one of the early responders to your email asking for feedback. I had a few suggestions, but didn’t think to ask you how you get everything done with your incredibly full schedule. I wonder this every time I listen to your podcast – “How does she do all of this with a family and full-time job (or two)?!” This info is coming at a great time for me with kids going back to school. I really need to refocus and get more productive after a summer of little structure! Thank you so much for all of the great tips! I’ve already taken action on some of them. 🙂

    • theresa says:

      Fantastic Jodie!
      I’m SOOO glad this resonated with you. I never in a million years would have thought to talk about this unless people had asked. That’s why I am so appreciative of feedback from my listeners. Thanks for your other responses on what you’d like to see covered.

      I can certainly dive deep in other episodes along this productivity line. I am always tweaking and refining and trying new things myself. I can talk about planning the day, overwhelm, delegating (My family is incredibly helpful around the home – THAT is how I get so much done around here. But that did not happen on its own – it’s a process!) and all sorts of other tips. I will definitely cover this again in the near future.

      • Yes! I’d love to hear more about planning the day, overwhelm and delegating! If you have some secret mojo to get your family to help out around the house, WE NEED TO KNOW THIS!!! ASAP!!! LOL!

        • theresa says:

          LOL – Too funny!
          Okay, I will add this topic to the list.
          My number one secret is bribing them with cookies. {Ha! just kidding}
          But it is true that I need help to do what I do. We can’t do it alone. And if we ARE in this alone, then we have to cut back on that to-do list! It’s hard to enjoy the life we were given if we are always drowning in our To-Do list. This is something I am constantly working on myself. And I certainly do not have all the answers. I’m a work in progress – But I do have success with a lot of the productivity things I try and I’m happy to share more in another episode. 🙂

  • Judy Buck says:

    I love this episode!

  • Colette says:

    I, too, loved this episode. I am going to listen to it a second time myself. My husband and I sit down with the calendar each week to see what appointments and commitments we each have. Then we figure out what projects we’d like to get done. That way we have a common goal. (This week is sorting out the containers in the attic. Ugh!)

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