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How to Streamline Your Canning

How to Streamline Your Canning -

How to Streamline Your Canning -

Have you ever bought a ton of produce on impulse at the farmer’s market with the full intension of canning it up, only to find it days later rotting in your refrigerator?

Or have you ever been gifted a huge bag of fruit from a neighbor’s tree?

But there it sits…slowly turning brown as you scramble to find time to do something with it.

It’s a common problem given our super busy lives.

And the guilt that comes from that waste only adds to the burden.

The truth is that sometimes it’s really hard to carve out enough time for preserving the harvest.

But there is one thing we can do NOW that will help us LATER in the season.

And that is to streamline certain aspects of the canning process so that it doesn’t become such a time suck when we honestly have no time to spare.