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Living Homegrown Podcast - LivingHomegrown.comLiving Homegrown Podcast:

This weekly podcast is all about getting the best seasonal, fresh-picked flavor without having to buy the farm!

Topics include:

  • Canning, Preserving & Fermenting
  • DIY Food Crafting (homemade yogurt, butter, cheese, sourdough, etc)
  • Small-Space Food Growing
  • Tips for living a more sustainable lifestyle

Episodes alternate between instructional “how-to” and interviews with top authors & experts.

All episodes (with show notes) are listed below and include a full transcript PDF.

Many have free, downloadable bonus material.

You can listen within the show notes below, subscribe to the podcast via iTunes, or listen on Stitcher.

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Enjoy the full listing of episodes below.


LH 167: How To Save Seeds From Your Garden

LH 167 Save Seeds From Your Garden -

Learn how to preserve your food garden for next year by saving seed.

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LH 131: A Farm On The Roof

How the largest rooftop farm in America grows 50K pounds of produce/year on 2 acres of rooftops in the middle of NYC.

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LH 130: Using Your Garden for Wellness

Podcast guest Shawna Coronado shares which veggies are most nutritious and creative ways to use your garden for health and wellbeing.

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LH 129: Understanding the Behavior of Backyard Chickens

Learn why your backyard chickens do what they do and say what they say.

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LH 128: Making Hard Cider at Home

Learn how easy it is to make hard cider at home. No apple trees necessary!

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LH 127: 4 Tips To Your Best Farm-Fresh Year

How small shifts in thinking can have a big impact on your farm-fresh lifestyle.

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LH 126: Sourdough Starter & Heirloom Flour

How to make sourdough bread, use stone-ground heirloom flour AND make onion jam to spread on those fresh baked loves.

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LH 125: Growing Epic Edibles in Containers

Learn the tricks to successful container gardening with edibles AND how to care for containers AFTER they're planted.

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LH 124: Powerful Tips for Raised Bed Gardening

Learn how simple raised bed gardening can dramatically increase your yield.

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