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Living Homegrown Podcast - LivingHomegrown.comLiving Homegrown Podcast:

This weekly podcast is all about getting the best seasonal, fresh-picked flavor without having to buy the farm!

Topics include:

  • Canning, Preserving & Fermenting
  • DIY Food Crafting (homemade yogurt, butter, cheese, sourdough, etc)
  • Small-Space Food Growing
  • Tips for living a more sustainable lifestyle

Episodes alternate between instructional “how-to” and interviews with top authors & experts.

All episodes (with show notes) are listed below and include a full transcript PDF.

Many have free, downloadable bonus material.

You can listen within the show notes below, subscribe to the podcast via iTunes, or listen on Stitcher.

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Enjoy the full listing of episodes below.


LH 165: Real Food For Our Pets


LH 165_ Make Real Food For Your Pet -

How to make your pet’s food more local, organic, and even perhaps more homegrown.

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LH 163: Organizing Your Homestead With The KonMari Method


Learn how to apply the popular organizational method of KonMari to your entire homestead so that you declutter and streamline all your homesteading efforts.

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LH 158: Eating Local & Exploring More Flavor


How you can bump up seasonal flavors by just looking closer to home. Tips for how to be a locavore and info on a national local-food challenge.

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LH 157: 8 Tips For Collecting & Using Vintage Books


Vintage books are a great source of inspiration, and are full of ideas you may have never heard of. Learn how to find, care for, and enjoy these real...

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LH 156: Top 10 Favorite Farm-Fresh Things


Make living farm fresh EASY with the right tools. Theresa shares some of her favorite tried and true things she reaches for every time she works in her garden,...

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LH 155: Simple, Seasonal Eating for Get-Togethers


How to throw simple parties with seasonal food - without any fuss. Make flavorful memories your guests will rave about.

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LH 154: The Homemade Kitchen with Alana Chernila


Learn the secrets to squeezing the last bit of flavor from our organic produce and how to make spoon butter for our wooden tools

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LH 151: Behind-the-Scenes of Farm Fresh Living


Get a behind the scenes look at the farm fresh podcast you listen to every week! Theresa shares how she started, what she's passionate about, and how she views...

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LH 144: Seasonal Eating With A Foodie Farmer


Learn about life as a-small scale farmer (who also happens to be a foodie) and how we can all eat within the seasons.

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