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Living Homegrown Podcast - LivingHomegrown.comLiving Homegrown Podcast:

This weekly podcast is all about getting the best seasonal, fresh-picked flavor without having to buy the farm!

Topics include:

  • Canning, Preserving & Fermenting
  • DIY Food Crafting (homemade yogurt, butter, cheese, sourdough, etc)
  • Small-Space Food Growing
  • Tips for living a more sustainable lifestyle

Episodes alternate between instructional “how-to” and interviews with top authors & experts.

All episodes (with show notes) are listed below and include a full transcript PDF.

Many have free, downloadable bonus material.

You can listen within the show notes below, subscribe to the podcast via iTunes, or listen on Stitcher.

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Enjoy the full listing of episodes below.


LH 162: Grow More Vegetables In Less Space

Grow More Vegetables In Less Space -

Learn how to grow more of the food you want in whatever space you have using scaled-down farming tips and tricks.

Show notes...

LH 104: Gardening for the Monarch

Learn about the 90% decline of the Monarch butterfly and how we can use our gardens to help save them.

Show notes...

LH 103: Growing Uncommon Fruits in Your Backyard

Learn how to grow delicious and unusual fruits in your own backyard.

Show notes...

LH 102: Shifting Your Garden To A New Location

Learn what you have to consider when you uproot your garden and move to a new location and the lessons you pick up along the way.

Show notes...

LH 101: Organic Gardening Q&A

Learn organic gardening tips from seed testing to cover cropping in your own backyard.

Show notes...

LH 99: Making the Leap to Lavender Farming

Learn the story of one couple who made the leap from city life to farming life as they set up shop as lavender farmers. Hear the ups, downs and...

Show notes...

LH 98: How a Garden Book is Born

Learn what it REALLY takes to create a top garden book from scratch. Top garden editor Julie Chai shares the whole dirt on how it all works.

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LH 97: Growing Blueberries

Learn the secrets to growing, feeding and pruning the best organic blueberries possible from author Lee Reich.

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LH 95: Growing Organic Flowers

Learn how to grow organic flowers from the nation’s top farmer florist, Erin Benzakein.

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