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I have just returned from a five day trip to South Carolina to visit some friends. Usually when I visit at this time of year, I begin to see the beautiful colors of spring. But this time, the weather was much warmer than usual and the leaves had not started their change yet. I hear that the weather turned cooler right after I left! Poor timing, I guess…But I digress…

On the five hour plane ride, I caught up on my magazine reading. Have you seen these two magazines?



They are fabulous…

Mary Janes Farm Magazine has been around for about five years, but only recently switched to a bi-monthly format with subscriptions. The subtitles on the magazine are: The American Organic Original. Simple solutions for an everyday organic lifestyle. Food as celebration/Passionate gardening/Nostalgic crafts and Stitchery. Yes, that is a mouthful of subtitles. But it is hard to put this magazine into a simple category. It is so packed with information, you need to read it more than once!

The magazine is the brainchild of Mary Jane Butters who has an organic farm up in Idaho. She is a “farm girl” with many, many talents. She has been an organic farmer for 20 years, but also has been a carpenter, waitress, upholstery, milkmaid, wilderness ranger, environmental activist, and an entrepreneur. Her magazine (mail order business and her many books) focus on sharing simple solutions, gardening tips, crafting, home decorations. She encourages her readers to embrace a more authentic, wholesome lifestyle. Here is a video about who she is: Meet Mary Jane.

The other magazine I read on the plane was the new Positively Green Magazine. Its subtitle is: Good Simple Solutions. The very first issue of this magazine came out in August and it has Rachelle Begley (co-star of Living With Ed TV series and wife of Ed Begley) on the cover. I really like this magazine. It describes itself as a “women’s magazine” that is also an environmental magazine. It’s goal is to show you how to live a rich life that is also eco-friendly.

Positively Green had some great information on reusable shopping bags, something I wrote about here a few months ago. They listed a few new web sites with cute bags, such as Skeeda Bags. And information on “green” school supplies and clothes for the kids: Simple Shoes (shoes made from 100% sustainable products) and RedAppleSupply (eco-friendly supplies).

Although neither magazine is a “garden” magazine, both cover food, lifestyle issues that relate to gardening, nature and the environment. Check out your local bookstore for the latest issues.

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