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Meet Charlotte

This is Charlotte — The newest addition to my garden chicken flock!


She is a 4 week old Golden-laced Polish chicken. Polish chickens have a crest of feathers on top of their head (a top knot) which makes them cute and funny at the same time. Charlotte is just starting to get her head feathers and is going through an awkward stage at the moment. But she is still cute as a button.


It is important to note that Polish chickens are a very old breed, but they are NOT from Poland. Their exact origin is actually unknown. During early classification, they were called 'Poland Fowls' and Charles Darwin classified all the races of fowl with top-knots as 'Crested or Polish'. Today, they are raised mostly as show birds and as pets. They are quite docile and lay white eggs.

I am currently babysitting two other Polish chickens with Charlotte. (One is another Golden and the other is Buff.) All three are much more cuddly than Penny (my Barred Rock) and Gertie (my Easter egg chicken). They will run to me when I open the cage and love to be held. It is funny how each breed and each chicken has it's own personality traits.


This week I am merging the two flocks (the Polish with my other chickens). The babies are finally big enough to take care of themselves during the pecking order phase. Yes, chickens do have a pecking order and it takes awhile for them to work out all the logistics of that. These two flocks are only 4 weeks apart, so they are merging quite well. The trick I learned is give the younger ones a few places to escape from the large birds. As long as they can get away to relax, they seem fine.

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