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I Want Chickens for my Garden!

For years, I have wanted chickens for my urban garden. I want them for several reasons: They will eat my snails, they will be nice companions for me while I tend the garden, their poop can be added to my compost bin and it would be good for the kids to help care for them. But mostly…I WANT THE EGGS!  I used to buy fresh eggs from a local farmer’s market and they were wonderful. But that farmer is no longer at the market and I have no other convenient source of fresh eggs.

So…I started pining for chickens.

I have read about 5 books on raising chickens and I have even started to design the coop I am going to build. It will be cute…that is all I am saying right now. BUT…I realize that it may be another year before I get the coop built. I don’t want to wait that long for my chickens!

A few days ago, I learned that Robin at the Bumblebee Blog had an unexpected delivery of chickens this week. (BTW, she has a great garden blog! You should check it out.) She used the coolest portable chicken coop to store the chickens until she has time to build her own cute-as-pie chicken coop. She said the coop is called an EGLU. I had never seen one before so I checked it out.

Here is the website for the EGLU company. I WANT ONE! It would give me a way to have chickens now while I plan their new home.

And here is a YouTube video by a darling little British girl showing how the Eglu works. I just love the way she says that you just need to "twizzle it" to open the door!  Check it out!

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