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LH 62: Using Fresh Herbs for Flavor & Fragrance

Simple Tips for Using FRESH Herbs in The Home

I’ve done episodes on preserving herbs, using herbs IN your canned goods and I on how to dry herbs for long term storage.

But this episode is on the many wonderful uses for FRESH herbs.

It is peak growing season right now for herbs and even if you don’t grow any yourself, you are probably seeing a lot herbs at the farmer’s market.

So this episode and post is all about how to utilize those herbs for both flavor and fragrance.

You will learn:

  • Tips for how to grow herbs yourself
  • How to judge freshness when buying herbs at market
  • How to best store fresh herbs
  • The substitution formula for fresh vs dried
  • Which herbs are best for flavor and fragrance
  • A simple trick for freshening a room with mint
  • Tips for adding lavender scents to your linens
  • Why my teen’s shoes smell like herbs
  • And more!

As always you can read the full transcript and get all the links mentioned below.

I’ve put together a really great freebie for you. Click the box below to get my favorite list of herbs for flavor and fragrance.

I have also included my favorite nurseries so that you don’t have to hunt down the more unusual varieties.

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Resources & Links Mentioned:

Making Herb Concentrates

Cotton Draw String Tea Bags*



Click here for the full transcript for Episode #62


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