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LH 38: Making Cultured Butter

Welcome to Episode #38 of the Living Homegrown Podcast!

This is a short little episode explaining how to make your own cultured butter with little effort. 

Now if you have never had cultured butter before you are in for a real treat. Homemade butter itself is amazing but when you take it a step further and make cultured butter it is beyond amazing.

You learn:

  • 4 key benefits of making cultured butter (beyond the incredible fresh flavor)
  • How you can stop half way through and still get something delicious
  • The type of cream you should avoid using
  • 3 different things you can use to start your culture
  • How to preserve your butter so you can enjoy it for months to come

What I love about making cultured butter is that…

You get two bonus products in the process!

  1. If you stop before you whip up the butter, you get creme fraiche. (What is creme fraiche? Here’s an explanation)
  2. You get real buttermilk as a byproduct. And that buttermilk can be used to make baked goods, pancakes or even ranch dressing. {So worth trying it just for that}

You may not want to make cultured butter all the time. But you should certainly do it once in your lifetime so you can experience it.

Here’s the full printable recipe with photos of all the stages.


Resources & Links Mentioned:

Cultured Butter Recipe with Pictures  (PDF Download)

How to Make Yogurt at Room Temperature (Podcast Episode #2 on making yogurt with no special equipment)



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About the Author:

Theresa Loe is the founder of Living Homegrown® and the Canning Academy® and is the Co-Executive Producer & Canning Expert on the national PBS gardening series, Growing A Greener World®. Theresa homesteads on just 1/10th of an acre in Los Angeles with her husband, two teenage boys and several disorderly but totally adorable chickens. Learn more about Living Homegrown here and about the Canning Academy here.


  • Craig Halle says:

    This sounds like a wonderful recipe to make. You’re trying to “butter us up” in the new year, aren’t you? HA! Have you ever tried this cultured butter on popcorn? I kind of wondered how it compared to regular butter. I make popcorn and sometimes I mix half and half butter and extra virgin olive oil, so I am only feel half as guilty using butter on my popcorn.

    • theresa says:

      Ha ha ha Craig. I have not tried it on popcorn, but I think it would be delish. I have not tried the half butter/half olive oil trick. I may have to give that a shot!

  • Debbie says:

    I have finally decided to make cultured butter and I’m a happy camper. To my surprise this project was much easier than I expected. I could live on good crusty bread and creamy delicious butter. I’m a happier southern girl from New Oleans..

  • Andrea says:

    I made the cultured butter without ever making butter before so when the mixture separated into the butter and bowl of buttermilk it was quite impressive! Super easy to do and the TASTE IS AWESOME!

  • David M says:

    Mine didn’t separate. 🙁 I whipped it till it had the texture of heavy sour cream but it stayed like that and didn’t turn into butter. Any thoughts?

    (I used 35% cream, commercial non-organic, with nothing on the label indicating the degree of pasteurization plus unflavoured organic yogurt. I left it in the cabinet with the electronics for about 18 hours. It looked like it had set properly and had the tangy buttermilk smell.)

  • Jeff says:

    I keep requesting the PDF but it never arrives.

    • theresa says:

      So Sorry Jeff. I just sent you an email with the PDF. I will check and verify all is working now, but thanks for letting me know.

      • Jeff says:

        Got the PDF. Now if I could just find heavy cream that is not ultra-pasteurized. Every store I’ve checked here in sunny Florida has only ultra_pasteurized.

        • theresa says:

          Darn – Do you have a Whole Foods by you? They carry it. Or maybe a co-op or health food store? Sorry you are having trouble finding it. 🙁

  • David says:

    Ok, trying this now, had it going for two days and about to take it out of the jar and into the cheesecloth. Funny thing about that.. had to go to three places to even find some cheesecloth.. at the third place.. the employee asked “what’s that”. We’re doomed. Anyway, both batches have the the same cream, but one has buttermilk, the other with yogurt.. We’ll see.

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