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LH 66: Creating a Spa Experience From The Garden

How to Use Herbs From Your Garden to Relax & Rejuvenate

One thing I know for sure…

We all need a little down time

Our schedules are busy, our days are hectic and sometimes we race through the day without ever catching our breath.

That’s not good.

So, this episode is about turning to the garden to create those tiny moments of time to rejuvenate ourselves.

It’s easy to do. We need only give ourselves permission.

In this episode, I interview garden designer and author Sue Goetz about using fresh garden ingredients to create simple relaxing moments for ourselves.

You will learn:

  • How to create small spaces indoors & out that give us peace
  • Why we need to touch our plants
  • What heat does to herbs & how to harness that
  • How to get steamy with herbs
  • Which herbs promote relaxation
  • What is tub tea
  • Can we use real tea in our bathtub

Bonus: Sue is also one f the talented designers for the Northwest Flower & Garden Show in Seattle, WA. If you have ever been to that show, you know that they have full size gardens inside the convention center with giant waterfalls, trees and even buildings. It’s amazing. But what is even more amazing is that those gardens are created in only 3 days just before the show opens. At the end of the interview, I have Sue share some behind-the-scenes information on how those spectacular garden show displays are created on the convention center floor. It’s fascinating.

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Sue Goetz

Spa Herbs - LivingHomegrown.comSue is a garden designer, writer and speaker. Through her garden design business, Creative Gardener, she helps clients personalize their garden spaces. Her garden design work has earned gold medals at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show, the Sunset Magazine Western Living award, Fine Gardening best design award and the AHS environmental award. Her home garden has been featured in Northwest Home and Garden magazine as well as Country Gardens Magazine.

Sue is a prolific writer and speaker and her book, The Herb Lover’s Spa Book – Create a Luxury Spa Experience at Home with Fragrant Herbs from Your Garden came out last year. She is a certified professional horticulturalist (CPH), a member of the Association of Professional Landscape Designers as well as other professional organizations.

Sue lives and gardens in Washington state. She has three daughters who still call home for some of mom’s fragrant, herbal concoctions.

 Recipes Mentioned:

Click below to get the free PDF for today’s episode which includes a recipes and instructions for Tub Tea using dried herbs and Steamy Aromatherapy using fresh herbs.

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Resources & Links Mentioned:

Creative Gardener – Sue’s website

Northwest Flower & Garden Show – in Seattle, WA

PBS Episode – Behind-the-Scenes of a Garden Show – Growing A Greener World

The Herb Lover’s Spa Book* – by Sue Goetz

The book features spa recipes (lotions, soaks, masks, scrubs, etc) as well as growing information for 19 fragrant herbs.

Drawstring Bath Bags* – In 3 different sizes

Giant Mesh Tea Strainer*



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As is the case for this entire website, all the information in this podcast episode and within this post are for informational purposes only. This website does not give any medical advice and any information here should not be a substitute for any medical or health advice of any kind. You need to seek out and research your own advice before using any of the herbs, oils or other products mentioned in this episode.

Also, is very important that you test a small area of your skin before putting any homemade product over a wider area of your skin. You never know what you might have a reaction to. So it is always best to test a sensitive area (like the inside of your arm) and then wait 24 hours.

This is especially true when using homemade body care products on children. Children are ultra sensitive. Also, you should never, ever use undiluted essential oils directly on the skin. It can burn the skin.

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