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LH 72: Homemade Cheese In One Hour

How to make delicious fresh cheese in under an hour

There’s something warm and inviting about homemade cheese.

Perhaps it’s the ancient connection to tradition with each batch we make. Or maybe it’s the mysterious way it transforms ordinary milk (as if by magic) into something so delicious.

But one thing I know for sure…

Homemade cheese tastes amazing.

And if you’ve never made cheese before…or if you have secretly wished you could craft your own batch with your own hands…Then you are in for a treat!

This week’s podcast is a beginner cheesemaking lesson!

But not just any lesson. This episode is about making cheese from scratch in under an hour!

No more excuses about how you don’t have time. Give this a try and you won’t be sorry!

On this week’s podcast, I interview cheesemaker, entrepreneur and author Claudia Lucero of Urban Cheesecraft. And she gives you the whole scoop on the amazing practice of making cheese at home – from the milk you need to the simple steps of creating your very first recipe.

It’s all here.

Plus, Claudia generously shares a discount code for 20% of her DIY cheese making kits. (More on that below.)

I want you to gift yourself this experience because I think cheesemaking is incredibly fun. And I bet you will feel the same way.

You will learn:

  • How it’s possible to make mozzarella, chevre and even burrata quickly
  • Which type of milks you can use
  • The possibilities of non-dairy cheese
  • The difference between pasteurized and ultra-pasteurized
  • The difference between pastured and pasteurized
  • The simple steps to making your first cheese
  • How to move on to other 1-hour cheeses
  • Why you might want to use vegetarian rennet
  • And more!

Download a PDF of your first recipe below. You can buy the ingredients at the supermarket and start today!

Or if you’d prefer to start with a kit, there is a 20% discount for you below!

Guest: Claudia Lucero


Claudia is the entrepreneur behind Urban Cheesecraft and DIY Cheese Kits. She began the company back in 2009 after her own kitchen adventures in cheesemaking lead her to realize that it was difficult for people to find all the right supplies.

She began the kits as a way to make it easy for anyone to dive into cheesemaking without having to read an entire book, learn formulas or learn dairy chemistry. She wanted to empower foodies to enjoy the pleasures of making the most delicious of flavors with the best ingredients possible.

Eventually, she partered with William Sonoma to create a custom line of DIY kits for their customers as well. And she teaches cheesemaking all across the country.

Homemade Cheese Kit - LivingHomegrown.comWhat started as a simple Easy business on the side, quickly became a full time career.  Her very popular book, One Hour Cheese is the perfect starting point for any newbie cheesemaker. Every recipe can be made in under an hour using ordinary ingredients. (You can download a sample recipe below to try yourself)

One of her most recent projects is a new non-dairy cheese kit coming to her website soon!

Sample One of Claudia’s Recipes:

Claudia graciously shared her full instructions for making Fromage Facile (translation = Easy Cheese!). There are no hard-to-find ingredients in this one. You literally can buy everything at the supermarket and make it the same day – in less than an hour.

Just click the box below to download her full recipe as a printable PDF.

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Get 20% on DIY Cheese Kits:

Think you want to move on to more fresh cheeses?

Claudia has generously granted all Living Homegrown followers a 20% on her DIY cheese kits from now until Nov 20, 2016.

Buy one for you and a few others as holiday gifts!

To get your 20%, simply order from Claudia’s website 

And type in HOMEGROWN20 at checkout. But don’t delay! This offer expires on November 20th!



Resources & Links Mentioned:

UrbanCheesecraft.comOne Hour Cheese - – Claudia’s website

One Hour Cheese* by Claudia Lucero (her book)

Etsy Video of Claudia

Making Cultured Butter – Podcast Episode #38



Click here for the full transcript for Episode #72


Photo credit for Claudia’s headshot photo: Jeff Noromba

Special thanks to Workman Publishing

* denotes an affiliate link

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