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LH 63: Homemade Body Care From The Garden

How to Make Your Own Lotions and Bath Products

Making your own body care products is a great way to extend your gardening experience.

Just as we are careful with what we eat, we can (and should) be careful with what we put onto our bodies. Making your own lotions or salves means that you know all the ingredients and where they came from.

Plus, it’s just plain FUN!

In this podcast episode and show notes you learn:

  • How one woman used her garden to overcome a debilitating illness
  • How to test homemade products for sensitivity
  • The difference between essential oils and synthetic oils
  • Which type of pot is indispensable in body crafting
  • How to infuse oils – 3 different ways
  • How to make After Sun Lotion
  • How to make DIY Bath Bombs
  • The trick to making Easter Egg Bombs
  • And more…

Garden Therapy - LivingHomegrown.comStephanie Rose

In this episode, I interview Stephanie Rose.

She is the creator of Garden Therapy – an extremely popular blog that features DIY projects for the garden and home and includes a focus on healthy living.

Garden Therapy started out as Stephanie’s personal blog as she was crafting and gardening her way back to health after a debilitating illness. But it quickly took on a life of its own and morphed into a rich idea bank of crafty garden projects for creative people.

Stephanie shares her crafting and gardening expertise in several books, including Garden Made – which celebrates stylish, crafty garden projects for every season.

And her Natural Beauty Recipe eBook – which features 45 easy-to-make herbal skincare recipes for the whole family. (Links for all of her books are below)

Stephanie spends her time as a gardener, writer, and artist in Vancouver, BC, Canada. She is passionate about organic gardening, natural healing, and art as part of life.

Stephanie is a Master Gardener and has turned her small urban yard into a garden therapy heaven that she shares with her husband, son and tiny dog. Her mission is to bring the joys of garden therapy to everyone she meets.

Recipes Mentioned:

Stephanie has prepared a special PDF for the listeners. It is a step-by-step recipe for making Basic Lip Balm. To get the full downloadable instructions, click below:

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Other Recipes Mentioned:

After Sun Lotion Recipe

Bath BombsI love that this recipe uses citric acid*. Most canners have that in their cupboard, right?!

Easter Egg Bath Bombs


Homemade Body Care - LivingHomegrown.comResources & Links Mentioned:

 The Canning Academy – Get on the list to receive more information

Garden Therapy – Stephanie’s website

The Natural Beauty Recipe eBook – By Stephanie Rose

Garden Made – Book by Stephanie Rose

All of Stephanie’s Books

Stephanie’s Body Care Product Resource Guide – Resources for all your body care crafts



Click here for the full transcript for Episode #63


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As is the case for this entire website, all the information in this podcast episode and within this post are for informational purposes only. This website does not give any medical advice and any information here should not be a substitute for any medical or health advice of any kind. You need to seek out and research your own advice before using any of the herbs, oils or other products mentioned in this episode.

Also, is very important that you test a small area of your skin before putting any homemade product over a wider area of your skin. You never know what you might have a reaction to. So it is always best to test a sensitive area (like the inside of your arm) and then wait 24 hours.

This is especially true when using homemade body care products on children. Children are ultra sensitive. Also, you should never, ever use undiluted essential oils directly on the skin. It can burn the skin.


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