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HexHive – Who Wants To BEE Square in Beekeeping?

When I attend a show such as the San Francisco Flower & Garden Show, it always takes me a few days to digest all of the wonders I saw there. And this year, there were a few items that are still haunting me with their cleverness. Take, for example, the HexHive:


The idea here is that man has always made square hives for production of honey…but why? In nature, the circle and hexagon are the shapes bees create. Now, there are some people using these beautiful beehives and they are finding that the bees are thriving better than standard hives.

A woman in Petaluma, CA has the patent on these hives and is building/selling them. They are expensive compared to the standard square hive, but each HexHive is custom built and they are absolutely beautiful. (That is one of her hives pictured above)  You see her website HERE.


I have wanted to keep bees since filming The Bee Episode of Growing A Greener World and spending a few days with beekeeper extraordinaire Corky Luster of the Ballard Bee Co. Now…I want to do it in a HexHive.

There is an interesting study being done showcasing the advantages of such a hive. You can read about that HERE. In the meantime…a girl can dream…

UPDATE: This post prompted a discussion on Twitter about the hives. My twitter friend Backyard Wisdom found more info on the hives HERE and HERE and also told me there is a great downloadable book from Alabama Cooperative Extension on Bee Keeping. Yeah! 

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