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LH 114: Behind-the-Scenes of Garden TV

The stories behind a top-rated garden TV show

For the last 9 years, I’ve been the Co-Executive producer of Growing A Greener World TV. Our national gardening series is on PBS and we tell the stories of people doing great things for the planet…through gardening and sustainable living.

Well…we’re currently working on season 9. And as you can imagine, it can be pretty exciting to explore a whole new set of garden stories.

I thought it would be fun to share some behind-the-scenes info on how a garden TV show is put together and some of the garden and food stories we’ll be sharing in the coming months.

To do that, I brought on the host and Exec Producer of the show Joe Lamp’l.

Growing A Greener World was his vision. He dreamed it and put together the team who creates it.

He’s the guy we laugh with at the end of an exhausting day and same guy we give the evil-eye to when he decides he wants to redo a scene “just one more time.” Ha!

You see…Producing a television show is NOT easy. We all put in long hours and lots of travel.

But I think you’ll get a kick out of hearing why we still love to do what we do…despite the hard work.

And I even have a link to a video explaining what each of us actually does on the show. Check out the the Resources & Links below!


You’ll learn:

  • How this gardening series was created
  • How watching the show can have a ripple effect for the planet
  • Which episodes will move you the most
  • Who is on the list of most inspiring garden teachers
  • Why bats will be making a TV debut next year
  • What TV celebrity will be featured next season
  • And more

Joe Lamp’l:

How to Compost - Joe Lamp'l - As one of the country’s most recognized and trusted personalities in gardening and sustainability, Joe Lamp’l has a passion for living a greener life.  Joe is the creator, host and Executive producer of Growing a Greener World.

Joe may also be familiar to you because he was the TV host of Fresh from the Garden on DIY Network and he hosted the show GardenSMART.  Joe also shares his know-how on NBC’s TODAY SHOW, ABC’s Good Morning America, The Weather Channel and through his books, podcast series, nationally syndicated newspaper column and more.


Resources & Links Mentioned:

Video on How We Produce an Episode of GGWTV – Episode 326

Growing A Greener World TV on PBS

Episode 808 – Green Bronx

Episode 807 – Hope for Heroes

Joe Gardener – Joe’s Website

The Joe Gardener Podcast

Composting 101 – LH Podcast Episode 68



Click here for the full transcript for Episode #114

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About the Author:

Theresa Loe is the founder of Living Homegrown® and the Canning Academy®. For 9 years, Theresa was the Co-Executive Producer & Canning Expert on the national PBS gardening series, Growing A Greener World®. Theresa homesteads on just 1/10th of an acre in Los Angeles with her husband, two sons and several disorderly but totally adorable chickens. Learn more about Living Homegrown here and about the Canning Academy here.