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Glass Gardens – Seattle Flower Show 2012

I saw some very nice terrariums at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show in Seattle last month. Check out some of the ideas below.

(I posted a short video about the show gardens HERE.)

Notice the sand/soil design in the test tubes. (Click on the image above to enlarge) This was common in all the terrariums – large and small. It is an easy thing to do and very effective.


The container you choose can really make a statement. But you don’t need one of these expensive containers. You can create stunning terrariums with garage sale fish bowls and vases. In fact, that is what makes this type of project fun…the hunt for the container.


Once you have the container, get crazy with what you put inside. Who says you can’t put a watch in there? Why not!


And I liked this idea of tucking a tall glass container (beaker, vase or jar) into another planting. It gives height and interest. Kinda funky fun.


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