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Last Minute Holiday Gifts Ideas for Canners

Gift Ideas -

There are just 10 days left until Christmas.

Do you still have people are your list to buy for????

Don’t panic!

I pulled together some simple gift-giving ideas for you from my archives and my own shopping list.

Everything here can be:

  • Made quickly in one sitting
  • Spread out over two short sessions (for less stress)
  • Purchased locally and/or on Amazon (for fast delivery)

These are great gifts for anyone on your list who is into:

  • Homesteading
  • Canning & Food Crafting
  • A good martini
  • Heck, anyone who just likes FOOD!

And if you are all done shopping (High five to you, my type-A friend!), you may just want to make or buy one of these items for yourself.

You deserve it.

Oh yes. Yes, you do!

Simple Homemade Gifts:

If you don’t have extra homemade pantry items to give away (or you just don’t want to share), here are a few simple recipes:

Cranberry Simple Syrup -

Cranberry Simple Syrup:

A simple syrup can be used to mix cocktails, flavor tea and many other yummy things. It is fast and can be adapted to any fruit.

You can make the Rhubarb Syrup version here or if you are feeling festive, substitute a bag of cranberries in place of the rhubarb. (Cranberry is shown above)

Don’t have time to water bath process? No worries. Pour it into a decorative bottle and have the recipient refrigerate it. It lasts for at least 3 weeks. Sweet!


Wine Salt - Gifts from

Wine Salt:

Making a batch of this Wine Salt is always a welcome surprise. Just be ready to explain what Wine Salt is and how to use it. Ha!


Lemon Vodka - Gifts from

Lemon Vodka:

Start this Flavored Vodka Recipe in the next few days and it will be ready in time for Christmas. You just need 7 days of steeping time to create something simply delicious.

And if you are in time crunch, add extra ingredients and steep for just 3 days. It will totally work.


Seed Sprouting Kit -

Seed Sprouting kit:

This is so easy to make and can be such a thoughtful gift!

My original post on creating a Seed Sprouting Jar was geared toward sprouting for chickens.  But I use this jar method for my own sprouts all the time!

To make it a “kit”, just include a bag of sprouting seeds and you are good to go!

You can buy sprouting seeds (for yourself) at any health food grocery store or online here.


Last Minute Gifts -

Slow Cooker Applesauce:

What I like about this Applesauce Recipe is that you can throw the apples into the slow cooker the night before and then, finish it up in the morning. Done!

And you have the added benefit of making your entire house smell like heaven.


Tomato Powder Gift -

Tomato Powder:

This one would be a little more time-consuming unless you already have some dehydrated tomatoes on hand.

You do?

Great! Go make this Tomato Powder Recipe.

Useful (Purchased) Gifts:

No time to make anything? No worries.

Here are some ideas for gifts any food crafter would adore. You can find many of these items locally or on Amazon (which has fast shipping in time for Christmas).

EcoJar Lids:


Turn any canning jar into a travel mug. You can get the stainless steel version or the BPA free silicone version.

High Temp Spatulas:

High Temp Spatula

We all know that jam gets super HOT. If you don’t use a wooden spoon, then use something like these BPA-free spatulas. They can withstand the highest temperatures we can deliver without melting.

They can also be found at a good cooking store or online here.

Candy Thermometer:

Canning Thermometer

Here is another item that you can find at any good cooking store or online. A high-temperature candy thermometer is especially important for no-added-pectin recipes and marmalade.

Steam Juicer:

Steam Juicer

This is another tool that any canner would love to have. You can learn all about how to use a steam juicer here.  I have the Norpro, but the Cook N Home is also nice.

Mason Shaker:

Mason Shaker

I wrote about Mason Shakers here and even used one in the Jamtini video in that post.

Now, you can buy the Mason Shaker on Amazon and have them in time for the holidays.



Got More Ideas?

Making or giving anything cool this year?

I’d love to hear what you are up to.

Tell me in the comments!

Note: Some links in this post are affiliate links.

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