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Gardener Spa Treatments

A few people asked me to post photos of the gardener spa treatments I made for holiday gifts this year.

Gardener Cosmetics I made lavender goat’s milk soap, lavender bath bombs, lavender fizzy bath salts and mint lip balm.

I placed them in this galvanized planter. The paper sack in the back contains warm, fuzzy socks.

The goat’s milk soap was so simple to make.
Goats Milk Soap   I didn’t have time to make “real” soap the old fashioned way (with lye) so I just used this “melt and pour” variety.  I ordered it from Wholesale Supply Plus. You melt the soap base in a double boiler, add essential oils for fragrance and color if you wish (I left mine natural) and pour it into soap molds. EASY.
By the way, you can add “fragrance oil” which has synthetic ingredients, but I prefer to use pure essential oils so the soaps are more natural and less likely to irritate sensitive people.
Lip balm
The lip balm base also came from Wholesale Supply and they had these very cool tins with the sliding lids. I used a mint flavor/fragrance with that one.
Bath Bomb
The bath bombs are made from citric acid, baking soda, kaolin clay, grape seed oil, jojoba oil, lavender essential oil and Wilton cake colorant. Mine are a little bumpy because I added a bit too much oil and it made the mixture a bit too wet.(Oops!) But it still works.

You drop one into the bathtub and it explodes into fizzy bubbles. The bubbles release the lavender scent. The kids love these. For a step-by-step video (by Coastal Scents) on how to make these (and the recipe), go here. Be sure to watch the video to the very end to see her blooper when the bath bomb fizzed all over the table. That stuff works.

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Preserve Like a Pro: Get my top sources for canning tools & supplies. (It’s free!)

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