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LH 109: Fiery and Spicy Ferments

How to Ferment Hot Sauces and Spicy Condiments

When I first read the title of Kirsten and Chris Shockey’s book, Fiery Ferments, I was worried.

The word “fiery” made me think that all the recipes would burn my mouth off…Ha ha ha

Honestly…super hot stuff is just not my thing.

But you know what?

There are recipes all over the heat spectrum here. From super mild to super hot – it’s all covered!

That’s awesome because it means you can decide for yourself if you just want spicy or you want heat.

So, that’s why I invited Kirsten to come on the podcast to tell us all about fermenting with a kick.

Her flavor ideas will knock your socks off.


You will learn:

  • How fermenting can really expand your pantry choices
  • Why fermentation is such a safe thing to do
  • What can you add that provides spice without heat
  • Which pepper opens your tastebuds to other flavors
  • Why are fermented foods MORE nutritious than raw
  • How to ferment with standard kitchen supplies
  • Which salts are best to use
  • What is pepper mash & how do we use it
  • And so much more


Kirsten Shockey:

Kirsten K. Shockey is a mother and homesteader living in Southern Oregon who finds herself with increasingly fewer children at home, significantly less livestock in the fields, and way too much fruit in the orchard.

Kirsten is also a writer and educator who is passionate about helping people take responsibility for their food. She is the co-author of Fermented Vegetables and Fiery Ferments and both books came from her desires to teach people how to ferment and to push this culinary art to new flavors.

She travels across the country helping people make, enjoy and connect with their food. Her website is FermentWorks.



Try One Of Kirsten’s Recipes!

Kirsten was gracious enough to share her special recipe for Fermented Pepper Mash – which is a great way to use up all the peppers in your garden. (Who doesn’t love THAT idea?)

It makes a great condiment and you can customize it in many different ways!  Enjoy!

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Resources & Links Mentioned:

Fiery Ferments Book CoverFiery Ferments *  Kirsten & Chris’ book

Fermented Vegetables * – Kirsten & Chris’ book

FermentWorks – Kirsten’s website

FermentWorks Workshops

pH Strips * from Amazon


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