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Affiliate Links:

Some of the links on this site are Amazon affiliate links. This means that when you click on the link to Amazon and buy the book/product there, I get a teeny, tiny cut from the sale. The book/product is not marked up in any way.

But listen, I do not ever recommend a book/product based on the fact that I might make a few cents if you happen to click the link. All recommendations are just that – books/products I love and would recommend. If you happen to buy it, that purchase helps support this blog (including the giveaways I purchase).


Most of the books and products I give away on this blog were purchased by me. Yes, I do occasionally receive free books or products to review. But after reviewing, I then purchase an additional copy to give away. I consider giveaways a fun way to share with my readers and give back for connecting here with me.

Occasionally, I will accept free samples of jars, canning tools or gardening tools to test out. If I find them to be exceptional, I will pass the information on to my readers. But I always disclose within the post that I received the sample to test out for free.

Sending Product:

I very much appreciate the offer to test out products. But I have a very limited space within my blog for giveaways/reviews. For this reason, you may want to check in with me via my contact page first. If you do send something, I cannot guarantee that I will review it.

Guest Posts:

I’m sorry but I do not accept guest posts anywhere on my website at this time.

Ads, Paid Reviews or Paid Links, etc.

No. Absolutely not.

I do not accept any ads, paid reviews or paid links anywhere on my site. Period. And no I won’t link to your website or article because you need the link love either.


All opinions expressed within this site are my own. I am not paid for them in any way. And no, being given a book to review does not influence my content.

I can’t be bought that easily. Not even for chocolate.


Any information collected (within an opt-in form, etc.) is used solely for the purpose of sending the electronic information the reader is requesting. I value my reader’s privacy.

My lips are sealed!