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Day 3: Inspired by HoneyLove Bees

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Day 3:

I think as gardeners we sometimes forget that the general non-gardening public doesn’t always fully understand the importance of bees. I know that I spend so much time with like-minded people (who share my love of bees), that I am always caught off guard when I encounter someone who thinks, “the only good bee is a dead bee“.

But that lack of understanding is very, very real…and scary.

So today’s post is about an inspiring couple who are truly making a difference! And I am including some links at the end on how we can make a difference too.


Rob and Chelsea McFarland are the dynamo husband and wife team who started HoneyLove – a Los Angeles-based nonprofit organization with a mission to protect the honeybee and inspire/educate new urban beekeepers.

In a Nutshell…

The McFarlands are “pro-bee activits” (don’t you love that?) who are working hard to make backyard beekeeping legal in Los Angeles. They spend a lot of time educating the public, teaching classes to newbie beekeepers and running a grass-roots effort to change the laws.

And it is working! Things are changing. They have already won support from many city councils and more people are wanting to help.

The fun and zany efforts of The HoneyLove founders to educate people about honeybees are hugely important. They Rock!

You can learn more about what they do and why it is important through this short video. And for more information on how WE can help encourage bees in our own gardens, see the other resources below.

Also, you might remember that a few years ago I wrote/produced an entire episode on The Importance Backyard Beekeeping for our PBS show, Growing A Greener World. It featured Corky Luster, who rents his bees out to urban gardeners so they can have a better harvest and a little honey!

You can watch the entire episode HERE:

Other Resources:

Why Bees are Disappearing & What We Can Do To Help – great post by

“Silence of the Bees” – Watch this PBS Documentary on Colony Collapse Disorder (FREE online)

Urban Bee Gardens – Information from Berkley on attracting bees to your urban backyard.

Some cool bee videos – by which include a swarm!

More cool bee videos – these are by HoneyLove


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