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Day 19: Garden Show Inspiration & Ideas

Why Visit a Garden Show?

There are many garden shows across the country and most happen in late winter or early spring. Everyone has their favorite. Some gardeners go to experience color in the dead of winter. Others are looking for inspiration before diving into their own backyards again. And some  are looking for the latest garden tool or the most unusual plant that they can nab before any of their gardening pals get their hands on it.

I get all of that and I suppose I go for those reasons too. But…

Although I enjoy several shows for different reasons, the one show I get most excited about it the Northwest Flower and Garden Show in Seattle, WA. Why you ask? Because that show gives me all of the above AND it consistently provides cutting edge information regarding sustainability and green living.

When I walk onto the convention center floor, I think…”These are my people!”

I am such a proponent for the NWFG that you will even find a video of me on their home page telling you all the reasons to visit the show.

Now, let me just state right here for record that I am not a spokesperson for the show. I made that video on my own last year for this blog and the good folks at the show saw it and loved it. I’m flattered that they wanted to showcase it.

The next show is coming up in about a month! It runs February 20-24, 2013 and the theme is “Gardens Go Hollywood“. And my hort friend Riz Reyes (who I featured on the video), is going to have his first display garden on the floor this year. You can just feel Riz’s enthusiasm in the video and in real life. I can’t wait to see what he has in store for us!

Don’t Forget the Seminars!

I am especially excited about the seminars coming up this year. As I read through the authors and experts to be featured, I was excited to see that I personally know about 90% of them. Seriously. I really know these people – which is… kind of amazing! It will be like going to a giant garden party! My biggest problem will be in trying to fit in the time to see them all while still visiting the displays and the marketplace. Be still my heart!

Who exactly is speaking? Well, I certainly can’t list all of the people that I know are awesome because THEY ARE ALL AWESOME. But I am especially excited about hearing:

Stop! I have to stop!!

Just go over to the schedule and see for yourself. I really just can’t list them all! And I officially apologize to all of my friends that I did not mention above. There are about 20 more I could personally vouch for, but really it is better for you to just go see for yourself. Thanks to the diligent efforts of the seminar manager, Janet Endsley, every single speaker is always incredible.

Behind-the-Scenes Look:

We even filmed an episode of Growing A Greener World TV on PBS on this garden show. Go HERE for a behind-the-scenes look at the entire event.

I highly recommend you come to the show next month if you live in the area. And if you don’t live close (like me) then still come!

Treat yourself. It is well worth it. Trust me!

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