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LH 141: Companion Planting Veggies & Flowers

LH 141: How to draw in beneficials and pollinators with flowers

There are huge rewards when you grow your vegetables and flowers in one space of your garden.

In this episode, I bring on flower farmer, Lisa Ziegler to explore exactly how we should companion plant to draw in beneficial insects, pollinators and so much more.


You will learn:

  •      Which flowers will help your tomatoes and why
  •      How your planting space determines sunflower height
  •      The difference between cool and warm season annuals
  •      How to prevent overwhelm when growing veggies
  •      Why native bees are so awesome for veggies
  •      A different way to do CSA farm memberships
  •      Lisa’s favorite sunflower for cut flower bouquets


Lisa Mason Ziegler:Lisa Mason Ziegler on

Lisa Mason Ziegler is a cut-flower farmer, author, and nationally recognized speaker on organic gardening.  Farming since 1998; her small urban farm produces thousands of stems of flowers and an abundance of vegetables each week in season.

Lisa gathers experiences from day-to-day life on her farm, hosts on-farm workshops and travels about speaking and teaching on this good life of urban farming. Connect with Lisa at


Resources & Links Mentioned:

Vegetables Love Flowers by Lisa Mason Ziegler on

The Gardeners Workshop – Lisa’s website

Vegetables Love Flowers* – Lisa’s book

Vegetables Love Flowers Virtual Book Study Program – Free lessons to go with Lisa’s book 

Cool Flowers* – Lisa’s book

To get signed copies of Lisa’s Books, go HERE!

Easy Cut Flower Garden* – Lisa’s guide

The Flower Farmer* – book by Lynn ByczynskiCool Flowers by Lisa Mason Ziegler on


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