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Can Jam & Canning Across America

CanJam1 I have mentioned Canning Across America before HERE. It is a group of cooks, gardeners and food lovers committed to the revival of the lost art of "putting up" food. They have a great website with great information.

Last month, on Canning Across AmericaTigress in a Jam guest-posted about organizing a Can Jam Challenge for the 12 months of 2010. Each month, participants receive a designated food to "put up". They then blog about it on their websites, participate in discussions, share recipes, etc.

The purpose of the Can Jam is to raise awareness about the joys of canning and to share recipes, inspiration and preservation information. Well…being that I am a certified Master Food Preserver, I just HAD to sign up!

January 1st was the kick off day and all 137 participants were assigned citrus as our designated food to can this month. Watch for my post with recipe in the near future. 

Tigress makes a great point about the virtues of canning which ties in nicely with the same philosophies of this blog.

Tigress sums it up here by saying canning is:

Local – I think many of us became interested in canning as an outgrowth of the Locavore movement. Preserving fresh produce grown in your area is the logical progression. And when you grow your own, and a glut is on, it can become a necessity!

Organic – In an effort to control what we eat, be it produce, sweeteners, flavors, etc., when we make it ourselves we know what went into it, and we know how we like it. It’s having a real choice about what we consume.

In Season – Canning produce in season keeps it in season all year (in a certain way). Ergo a much tastier interpretation of eating seasonally than abstaining from certain foods except for once a year!

Humane – I heard tell that veggies get a kick out of being pickled, and fruit, well, who among us canners has not witnessed that barely audible exclamation of fruit about to be jammed, "Sweet!"

So true! The deadline has passed for signing up, but you can still participate by posting in the comments of my recipe posts or on any of the participant websites. You can see a full list of Can Jam participants HERE. But one participant I already know is Willi at Diggin Food. She is a fellow garden writer who has an excellent garden/food blog full of great information. Be sure to check in on her and tell her I said "Hi!"

And remember, we will be including canning and preserving information on Growing A Greener World as well. After you grow it all, you want to know what to do with it.

Photo by: Tigress

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