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Book Giveaway – Free-Range Chicken Gardens and more!

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In celebration of my blog’s new look and redesign (and the fact that this happened to coincide with the timing of a pre-arranged virtual blog party), I am giving away not one, but TWO BOOKS related to chickens. And there are 7 other ways to win! Check it out…

First up:

Chickens bring so much joy to my own garden and I know many others who want to incorporate little chicken personalities into their own backyards. But wait…What about the fact that they scratch through the flower beds? And don’t they like to seedlings and rip leaves off of plants? And how do we deal with all of that while still enjoying their cuteness?

To answer all of those questions and other chicken advice, we can turn to landscape designer, Jessi Bloom, who just wrote the book, Free-Range Chicken Gardens (published by Timber Press).  This book is awesome – and I am not just saying that because I know her and think she is one of the coolest gardeners around. This is the only book I have seen that tells you exactly how you can have your chickens AND your garden too. It still covers the basics like benefits of chickens, darling chicken coop ideas, pests/diseases, etc. But it then goes far beyond that.

You learn:

  • How to design a chicken-friendly garden
  • How to keep your plants safe and your chicken’s safe (including barrier ideas/tips)
  • Lists of plants your chickens can use for everything from shelter to foraging.
  • And fun stuff, like how to train your chicken.

My coop

We already know that backyard chickens are hot. Add in the fact that this book covers CHICKENS & GARDENS and it is no surprise that it is already in it’s 4th printing! That says a lot right there!

But the number one reason to get this book? I’m in it.

Okay…okay…so that is NOT really a good reason to get it. But it was fun to be featured and my green-roof coop made the cut too.

 The Giveaway:

Timber Press is letting me give away a copy of Free-Range Chicken Gardens to a lucky commenter of this post. And they are also including a copy of this book: The Fresh Egg Cookbook.

So you get two books if you win! I have not seen the cookbook yet, but any book that gives me new ideas on how to use these delicious eggs is okay by me.


Sorry Contest Closed!

To enter to win BOTH books, all you have to do is comment on this post with any one of the following choices:

  • Why you love chickens in your own garden (or why you WANT chickens in your garden).
  • Why you really, REALLY need this book.
  • A list of cute chicken names. They can be your own chicken’s names or just some you have heard of. (My chickens are mostly named after famous garden designers.)
  • A short limerick about chickens. (Such as: “There once was a chicken from Nantucket…” But please keep it G rated)

ONE entry per person please and you must be a US resident to win. You have until midnight, Thursday April 12, 2012 to enter. I will pick a random winner at that time and Timber will ship the books.

More Chances to Win!

This post is part of a blog party and there are SEVEN other fantastic blogs participating. Each blog has their own requirements for what you post in the comments, but it is all easy and fun. Visit each blog and you will have EIGHT chances of winning these two books. And you will meet some other really innovative garden bloggers in the process. Fun Stuff!

Jessi at

Erica at

Gen at

Angela at

Annette at

Kylee at

Willi at


We have a random winner – Megan! (Megan, I just sent you an email to get your shipping address)

Thank you to everyone who stopped by and commented. I so enjoyed all the stories, chicken names and poems. Great stuff! I hope you continue to visit here! I have several chicken & garden posts coming up over the next few weeks. {Hugs}


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