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10 Reasons to Preserve Food

10 Compelling Reasons to Preserve Food

10 Compelling Reasons to Preserve Food -


Every so often, I get asked this simple question…

“WHY do you preserve food?”

I’m sure I never give the standard, stereotypical answer they are expecting.

I may be a lifelong canner, but like most of you who embark on this journey, I also have a broad background that makes me look at canning with a much wider lens.

I may have training in food preservation, but I am also a mother of two boys and I want to leave the world a little bit better for them.

When a non-canner asks me why I can, I think they expect me to say something about how I am saving food for later.

Of course, that is a big part of it.

But the REAL answer goes deeper than that…


I have some very passionate reasons for doing what I do and I know most canners share many of these reasons with me.

So today, I decided to jot these reasons down. And as I was writing, I realized it was essentially a Manifesto – a list of intentions when canning.

Perhaps some of your own intentions align with mine or maybe my list will spark new reasons for you to continue to put up food every year.

Below, I thought I’d share my list of intentions with you.