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Backyard Farmer Business Grows Non-Gardeners

Trevor Paque left his career as a mortgage broker to launch a new company called MyFarmin the San Francisco area and he has not looked back.

The premise behind MyFarm is to install organic gardens in people’s backyards and maintain them at a cost of about $25 – $35 per week. The backyards then produce a box of fresh vegetables for the customer four times per month. Members sometimes also get to share in the abundance produced by other nearby backyard gardens, increasing the diversity in their box. During instillation, MyFarm interviews the customers and grows the vegetables that they specifically want. Everything is grown without chemical pesticides.

MyFarm1 Paque’s customers are either non-gardeners or people who just don’t have time to maintain a garden themselves. They jump at the chance to have Paque and his workers maintain that garden for them. MyFarm even allows people without their own backyards the opportunity to join and receive a box of vegetables grown locally. They pay a fee to have a box delivered to their doorstep each week.

As part of the service, MyFarm will install drip irrigation, provide weekly maintenance of the garden and even watch over the customer’s compost pile. Yes,they even do the weeding.

Since May of this year, MyFarm has installed more than 50 gardens in the San Francisco area. They placed an ad on Craigslist and received over 200 responses in the first 20 minutes. Then they distributed 50 flyers in the local neighborhoods. They have not had time to do any advertising since then. The response has been so big, they are developing an operating manual and training video for farmers to start a similar service in their areas. MyFarm has reaped close to $90,000 in revenue since May.

I have seen similar services popping up in Southern California.

Anyone have something like this in their neighborhood?

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Theresa Loe is the founder of Living Homegrown® and the Canning Academy®. For 9 years, Theresa was the Co-Executive Producer & Canning Expert on the national PBS gardening series, Growing A Greener World®. Theresa homesteads on just 1/10th of an acre in Los Angeles with her husband, two sons and several disorderly but totally adorable chickens. Learn more about Living Homegrown here and about the Canning Academy here.