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LH 12: Choosing the Best Backyard Chickens

Welcome to Episode #12 of the Living Homegrown Podcast!

This episode is all about picking the best chicken breeds for your backyard flock.

You learn:

  • The key questions to ask yourself before making decisions
  • The breeds that are best for children and small spaces
  • Whether you can mix your flock with different breeds
  • The exact chickens I have in my flock
  • Where to buy your chickens (One source might surprise you!)

Resources & Links Mentioned:

Podcast Episode 08 – Backyard Chicken Keeping

Breed Selector Tool – a free service of the My Pet Chicken website

My Pet Chicken – I have personally ordered from this company and can vouch for their excellent customer service. (I am NOT an affiliate or in any way associated with them.) They will ship small quantities of 3 chicks at a time and have many specialty breeds. The site also has great photographs of the different breeds and good resource information.

Chickens for Backyards – I have not personally ordered from this company, but they will ship small quantities of chicks.

Meyer Hatchery – This is a well-known company and they have a wide selection of breeds. However, they do require larger orders.

Murray McMurray Hatchery – This is another company with a great selection of breeds but they do require larger orders. I have never order chicks from them but have ordered equipment and received excellent customer service.

Breed Lists:

Chicken Breeds for Various Conditions/Requirements(weather, egg production, meat, etc)



Recommended Books*

Chick Days – Raising Chickens from Hatchlings to Laying Hens by Jenna Woginrich. Subtitle: The complete beginners guide

City Chicks by Patricia Foreman. Subtitle: Keeping micro-flocks of chickens as garden helpers, compost creators, bio-recyclers and local food suppliers.

Free-Range Chicken Gardens by Jessi Bloom. Subtitle: How to create and beautiful, chicken-friendly yard.

Keeping Chickens by Jeremy Hobson and Celia Lewis. Subtitle: Getting the best from your chickens.

For Further Reading:

Keeping Chickens and Neighbors Happy

Frequently Asked Questions about Backyard Chickens


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