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A Garage Sale Garden

My friend Michelle Yeaton planted some vintage stone urns with holiday colors and placed them on her front porch. They looked fabulous. I asked her if I could photograph them for the blog to illustrate ideas for “porch garden” decorating. She said yes and here is one of the urns…

Michelle Garden1 Dec 08

But while I was there, I started photographing Michelle’s garden birdhouse collection and some of her more unusual container plantings and suddenly I realized that I really need to come back and do a full garden tour here.

Michelle Garden2 Dec 08

See, Michelle is a garage sale hunter. She is up at 6 AM every single Saturday morning (rain or shine) looking for treasures in other people’s junk. She hits every garage sale in town and has been doing this for years. She has an eye for vintage and a “shabby chic” decorating style that carries over into her gardening adventures.

Michelle Garden4 Dec 08

Just look around her garden. There are garage sale finds everywhere.

Michelle Garden7 Dec 08

Keep in mind that this is the dead of winter here in Southern California which means we have mostly green and not a lot of color. But Michelle manages to keep the garden extremely interesting.

Michelle Garden5 Dec 08

Here is a water feature she created in a vintage baby bathtub…

Michelle Garden6 Dec 08

Here is a collection of treasures she has in her “porch garden”. The collection changes with the seasons…

Michelle Garden3 Dec 08

I promise to come back in the spring and give you a full tour with an interview of Michelle. She is an excellent gardener and extremely creative with her use of plants. We can learn a lot from her. It will be great…

But in the meantime, I plan on running out to get some white cabbages to plant on my own front porch!

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