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Amazing! A Double Shelled Egg!

Ready for a little freak out?


About a month ago, my 6 month old chicken Gertie withheld her egg for a few days. No big deal right?

When she finally laid it, it was HUGE! It was seriously the size of a duck egg. She had only been laying for a few weeks, so I know this one had to hurt. Poor girl.

In the photo above, the egg on the left is her normal sized egg. The brown one is from my Barred Rock, Penny. The white one on the right is an extra large store-bought egg.

The gigantic one in the middle is from little Gertie!

My boys and I were excited to open up the egg because we figured it was a double yolker! Well, it was more than that…

When we cracked it open, out came a yolk, white and and a whole entire egg in a shell! Whoa!


It was like a magic trick!

And yes, the inner egg had a regular yolk and white.

I immediately emailed some chicken expert friends. Thanks to Hank Will, the editor at Grit Magazine, for immediately assured me that Gertie would be fine. (And she is.) He is quite the chicken expert and he gave me a thorough explanation of what happened.

I discovered that although this is rare, it does happen with new chickens as their bodies adjust to the process of making eggs. Usually, you get a double yolk. Occasionally, you get what I got. I received many a congratulations from chicken enthusiasts everywhere. And just for the record, many of my chicken raising friends wrote back saying "WHOA!". So not everyone knows about this phenomenon.

For a full explanation, you can go HERE.

We now call Gertie our MAGIC chicken because she can lay MAGIC eggs.

We are watching closely to see if she does it again. If so, we will video tape the opening of the egg!

Stay tuned…

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