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2 Seattle Gardeners Creatively Find Land To Become Urban Farmers

With all these “money-saving” vegetable gardens sprouting up all over the country, it is no surprise that people are getting creative about where to grow those veggies. Just look at the The Shibaguyz.

These avid gardeners (Shannon & Jason Mullett-Bowlsby) are well known in the blogging world for their bountiful, small space vegetable garden and their locavore eating habits. They have creatively filled their small (20 x 20 feet) growing space to the brim each year and produced quite a bit of their own food throughout the growing season. What is impressive about this fact is that almost all of those vegetables are grown in containers because this garden is on their patio!

But growing tons of produce in a small space is not enough for them. They have a dream of “being completely self-supporting in the food department”. However, they currently only have their small space to do that. They needed more LAND to garden in…But aside from winning the lottery, and buying that land, where could they find more space to garden in?

Shibaguyzdotcom They decided to put the word out (through an ad) that they were looking for plots of land to grow edibles. In exchange for the land use, they would share their produce. Clever huh?

Well, everyone else thought so too because in less than 24 hours they were swamped with offers! Call it yard sharing, land stewardship, sharecropping…It is working for them.

They now have several plots of land to garden on and they have already started the soil preparation and seed planting. These guys are hard working gardeners! You can watch their progress on their blog HERE.

Way to go guys!

Photo: This is a photo of their “Arbor Heights” plot. Visit for all the garden photos!

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