Goodbye from Theresa Loe & Living Homegrown®

Thank you for all your years of support & readership.

I've decided to shut down Living Homegrown®

Through the years, my Living Homegrown® blog won many awards for recipes and content. My award-winning Living Homegrown Podcast hit 4 million downloads and this site was a sought-after resource for homesteaders, canners and backyard food gardeners since 2008.

However, my business shifted in 2017 to business coaching for online entrepreneurs over at . I have been coaching CEOs and the teams from some of the top digital marketers in the industry - influencers, authors, and thought leaders.

I have not produced any new homesteading content or podcast episodes on this site since 2018.

I am no longer offering the Canning Academy® course.

I kept this site up as a resource for 4 years, before deciding to shut it down so my team and I can fully focus on my coaching practice.

If you are interested in growing your own food, I highly recommend checking out my dear friend Joe Lamp'l. He is the best in the business and you can sign up to hear about his gardening programs at the link below.

Joe Gardener - Garden Like A Pro

In the meantime, I wish you all the best on your gardening and canning journey. And I hope you keep living farm fresh without the farm® in your own backyard!

Theresa Loe

P.S. If you are a student, you can still log into your course HERE.
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