Theresa’s Complete Bio


Theresa Loe is an award-winning garden communicator (television, print media, video, internet) and is the Co-Executive Producer and the Canning/Preserving expert of Growing A Greener World, a nationally televised Public Television series. (Distributed by APT with over 1 million viewers for each episode.) 

Through her writing, videos and appearances, she is all about:

1) Keeping it local: Theresa uses her backyard as a demonstration garden for  growing edibles and feeding a family of four. She raises her own chickens, grows her own food, and networks with other neighborhood gardeners to trade eggs, honey and produce to extend the harvest.

2) Organic and Sustainable Gardening: It is not just about using organic gardening methods. It is also about gardening with consideration of any future environmental impact. Theresa writes for newspapers and magazines about these subjects as well as how to take the garden full circle with composting (both conventionally and with worms).

3) Educational Gardens: Theresa is passionate about developing our next generation of gardeners and stewards of the earth. She combines her engineering and horticulture background to make gardening with children an exciting, scientific adventure. She wants to entice more kids away from video games and into the garden to discover first hand what nature is all about. Theresa has spearheaded several Los Angeles county school garden installations that incorporate the core educational curriculum right into the garden setting. She keeps an ongoing relationship with those schools by teaching and volunteering in the gardens. She also uses her skills as a garden communicator to help others do the same in their own neighborhoods.

Canning1 4) Canning and Preserving: As a certified Master Food Preserver, Theresa takes the fear and intimidation out of the process and shows that canning can be cool! She teaches gardeners how to capture the essence of their harvest in a jar and extend the story of their garden. 

5) Urban Homesteading: Theresa is reclaiming old-fashioned homesteading skills in a chic, fun way. She regularly makes vinegars, butters, jam, jellies, bread, herbal soap and fragrant crafts – all with a modern, chic twist.


Theresa gardens in USDA Hardiness Zone 10 (Sunset Zone 24) in southern California. She holds a BS degree in engineering and studied both horticulture and professional culinary arts at UCLA. She is also a certified Master Food Preserver. Theresa has background in video and radio, appearing in a series of videos on “Entertaining From The Garden”, on Home & Garden Network and DirecTV and as a radio garden corespondent on KIEV Talk Radio. As an author and garden writer, Theresa’s articles appear in several newspapers, magazines and on the web.

Although Theresa grew up in the city, she comes from a engineering family who was also very crafty. She learned many homesteading skills as a young child. She has done everything from raising silk worms, making cheese, curing olives, fermenting sauerkraut and churning butter to curing venison jerky and making homemade wine.

On Theresa’s current urban homestead, every available space is filled with edible plants and flowers. She  grows over 55 different culinary herbs and 50 different vegetables. Espaliered apple trees line her property as well as several potted citrus trees and berry bushes. She also grows many different roses and cut flowers. You can find mushroom filled logs in her herb garden and various edible sprouts growing on her kitchen windowsill.

Theresa is spreading the word about how gardening and fresh food can enrich our lives and feed our souls!