National Honey Bee Awareness Day

Bee1 Did you know that today is

National Honey Bee Awareness Day?

Me neither!

But I am jumping on the bandwagon as fast as I can. As gardeners, we all know how important bees are. They are indispensable!

And then there is the whole Bee Crisis going on right now, so bees need our help even more than usual.

Even Haagen-Dazs is getting in on the act. If you haven’t seen it already, you must watch this video…

Visit THIS link for more information so that we can all participate more actively next year. In the meantime, here are some tips on how we can Help Save The Bees!

* Support local beekeepers! Buy  locally produced honey and bee products.

* Don’t use pesticides or chemicals in the garden that can harm bees. Even when you treat with “safe” sprays, be careful not to impact your visiting bees.

* Plant bee-friendly plants with native and nectar producing flowers.

* If you live in an area that allows it, consider raising bees yourself or letting a beekeeper maintain beehives on your property. If you are curious about how people illegally keep bees, check out this story on National Geographic channel. (Shhhhh…I won’t tell anyone!)

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Theresa Loe is the Co-Executive TV Producer and the On-Air Canning/Homesteading Expert for the national PBS gardening TV series, Growing A Greener World. She is a lifetime canner and a graduate of the Master Food Preserver Program. She studied both sustainable horticulture and professional culinary arts and she is a wrangler of chickens and two teenage children. (Not necessarily in that order.)

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